House Rules During Covid -19

As Florida continues to rise in Covid cases we take very seriously our role in the community to keep every customer safe.

We hold to a higher standard than most businesses. House Rules ….
1) Every customer upon entering salon will have to wear a mask! (Not an option)
2) Your temperature will be taken and hands must be washed, hand sanitizer not a substitute for soap & water.
3) Must keep distance between others.
4) Limited number of clients in salon at one time.
5) SS staff practices good safety measures in salon & during personal time. Masks are a way of life for us!

*This is critically important!!!

Many businesses have shut down due to workers off time personal decisions that were not held to the same standard as when on the job. The lack of precautions and not following the CDC guidelines have led many to test positive & than cause an entire business to close its doors. This is why it’s so important to be vigilant in our everyday safety precautions & follow the rules.
When you enter our house, these are the rules! Help small businesses stay open!

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